Friday, February 27, 2009

Save Money By Cutting Your Family's Hair

It’s no secret that I like to save money on some things so I can spend them on others. That’s why I was THRILLED when we got an electric hair cutting thingie about 8 years ago. Aron guided me through cutting his hair, and it looked pretty good.

In the years since having 2 boys, the hair cutting thing has paid for itself over and over and we’ve saved probably close to $1,000* on haircuts. Pair that with nursing and cloth diapering, and I’ve saved this family thousands of dollars (yes, I’m proud of it). I know someone who has formula-fed and disposable diapered TEN – count ‘em – TEN children. They could own an island by now had they been more awesome like yours truly.

So the thing about giving a haircut is this:

You always have to say, “Oops!” at some point in the haircut. This gets my husband every time. Sometimes it’s a true Oops, but usually I’m just messing with him.

*I estimate I’ve cut Aron’s hair 40 times, Joel’s 20 and Michael’s 12. Let’s say a haircut is 10 bucks even, including tip (I’m probably being cheap, too). That totals $720, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


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