Thursday, December 11, 2008

Technology and Parenting Bonus Post

To be perfectly honest, I'm posting this because I'm entering a contest at to get a free Leapster 2. Here is the post if you are interested in entering (you must have a blog).

That said, this is a pretty good topic anyway.

We don't let our kids have video games. My ex-husband and lots of other adult-child idiots I have known in my life have played far too many video games, causing their brains to rot.

TV is bad enough, and we zone out on far too much of that, anyway.

Aron doesn't play them and never has. I'm not a fan, either. I have Diner Dash and Chuzzle on my computer, and those are addictive enough. Do those count since we don't have Nintendo or X-Box or Atari (haha!).

When my kids' friends come over with their DS thingies, we don't let them play those at our house.

Educational stuff is different. Our kids think playing Clifford Phonics or Reader Rabbit on our Internet-free computer is a real treat.

Please don't tell them they are learning!


  1. dar got a leapster for his birthday and loves it. AND he can now count to 100 and recognizes all his letters and numbers.

    griff's getting a didj for christmas. he'd prefer a DS but he can suck it.

  2. Thanks for entering the contest! When we had an X-Box and Playstation (all bought by my husband for "bonding" purposes) I saw my kids get sucked in time and again and they would spend hours staring at the screen...sometimes they didn't even blink. When we moved, the games went away, and the kids don't even miss them. Out of my 11, 9, 5, and 3 year olds, the only one who's complained is my 5-year-old, and he's kinda complainy like that anyway. The others just read, watch the occasional TV show and play outside/with toys. I really have noticed that the educational stuff fits in better with our life because it's not as addictive. It's fun to do math problems on a screen for a half-hour, but no kid wants to spend his whole Saturday doing them, right!


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