Sunday, November 9, 2008

One of My Other Original Blogs – “Travel Widow”

This is the second blog I tried out, alongside “Attached.” I thought I could write about Attachment Parenting in one, then I could have a blog griping about my husband being gone a lot. Woo hoo. It has a total of 4 posts and now is in hibernation mode.

So, enjoy. And try to stay awake.

February 2, 2006 titled Back in the USSR
Actually, my beloved is in Edmonton Alberta Canada (how do you punctuate that?). Again. The upside is that he's only gone Monday through Friday this time. The downside is that he is gone.

It's Thursday, and the kids and I have been staying at my mom's all week. Tomorrow night we make the airport drive. Going to my sister-in-law's today so we can get out of the house. She's got 2 kids (one in Kindergarten) and will be watching her sister's 2 today, so things should get lively. The baby is nursing and sleeping on my lap, and M. has a rancid poopie cloth diaper that needs a changin'.

I have a husband; I definitely also need a wife! She would watch the kids while I scrapbooked, exercised and went out on dates with A. She would also cook and clean so I could REALLY play with the kids and be in the moment.

I think I'm on to something here.
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