Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends Who Are Like Sisters

So you all thought I was an only child, right? Well, biologically that is correct. But I do have someone who I always considered to be a sister and still do, even though we don’t see each other as often.

Our moms went to high school together and were best friends. Ambre and I were born a day apart (me in Germany and Ambre in the US).

We grew up side-by-side, as rivals, best friends, sisters. I used to hate our physical and verbal fights, but now I understand that’s kind of what sisters do sometimes. We used to beat the crap out of each other, pulling hair, screaming and crying. I can’t imagine I won many of those fights, being as how I’m a big baby when it comes to those things.

Sometimes Ambre’s mom Penny would babysit me, or I’d stay the night. They were the first people I knew to get Atari, and we’d play Pong forever. And watch the roller coaster scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation over and over. And her parents had a trailer at Jellystone Park, which we’d visit a few times each summer. Those were some of the best times of my life.

She got me in some trouble, too. One day we were going door-to-door in her neighborhood, trying to sell pamphlets that we got in Branson. Business wasn’t good that day, so Ambre got a new idea. She thought we should walk down to the Plaza by ourselves (we were like 9) and hang out. We paid a cab to take us a few blocks, got chocolate at Russell Stover’s, and took off our top layer of clothes to reveal our shorts and T-shirts. When our parents found us walking home in a dry Brush Creek in shorts in JANUARY, they freaked out. I’ve probably blocked out the spanking I got, but it was totally worth it.

As we got older we grew apart, went to different schools, got different friends. Sometimes we’d end up in the same school, like 6th grade at Westwood View. My elementary school had closed so I went to this borderline snooty school for one year. Thank God I had Ambre there to help me through.

Her mom was a caterer for rock concerts, which was SO cool. We got to sit on top of huge amplifiers just offstage from The Beach Boys. My dad and I got to see The Monkees and ZZ Top. And the Pointer Sisters signed my junior high yearbook.

We also went to high school together for a year and a half, then she dropped out halfway through junior year. I know I drove her nuts with how codependent/boy-crazy I was. I wish I had listened to her and stayed away from that long-haired mind-gamey guy.

It’s strange how things work out. We lost touch for many years when I was married to the abusive jerk and she was living in Hawaii and Mexico. Then after Callie was born and Aron was gone a lot, she was a lifesaver, bringing me leftover bread and other yummy stuff from where she worked.

Now Ambre works right across the street from my house, at the elementary school. Her daughter isn’t much older than Joel. They give us awesome hand-me-down girlie stuff for Callie.

Funny how none of the men in my life ever liked Ambre, probably because she could see right through them and always wanted the best for me. It’s very telling that Aron thinks she’s cool.

I don’t see her as much as I’d like. I want her to know that I love her dearly and miss my sister. And that she’s welcome to drop by anytime.

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  1. How come I've never heard about her before now?

    That entry was like the synopsis of one hell of a novel, lady.

    You have so many tricks up your sleeve...


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