Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Red Box

Have you seen the Red Box at McDonald’s and Price Chopper? If you have not tried the Red Box, YOU MUST!

Cheapskate me usually puts movies on hold at the library and gets to keep them for a week. I almost NEVER do Blockbuster, even with their new extended due dates. I would love to try Netflix, but I haven’t researched the fees and terms yet. Aron gave me a movie gift certificate so I can see movies alone but I haven’t been to one yet (wonder why?!).

But I digress, as I like to do. So for only $1 plus tax you can rent a movie until 9 p.m. the next day. If you want to keep it another night or – God forbid – FORGET (like I’ve done), you just pay another $1 plus tax per night.

They have a lot of new releases and good kid movies. They also have some weird crap that never even made it to the movie theatres, so watch out. You just walk up to the Box, touch the screen and you’re on your way to Movieland. Your DVD is mechanically vended to you (doesn’t that sound professional?). When you want to return it, just pop it back into the machine.

So try the Red Box and let me know what you think. I own no stock in them (that I know of … don’t get me started on 401(k)s and who has the time to peruse theirs to make sure all their money is being invested in socially responsible companies?), so this is a purely neutral review.

Potential problem: What about when movies get too scratched to play? I put Post-it notes on DVDs so the library knows about it, but there needs to be a tiny man with a DVD polisher inside the Red Box.


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