Friday, September 26, 2008

Old Smoosh E-mails

Background: I call my friend "Smoosh" because we used to work with a chick who would go up to everyone for a photo op and smoosh her face against theirs like they were bestest friends and we started making fun of her. Smoosh and I were pregnant with our first kid at the same time and e-mailed a lot (too much!) while we were at our different jobs.

Ah, we had too much time on our hands and no kids to steal our precious chocolate. Now it’s a miracle if we can have a decent conversation without 64 interruptions!

From: Kerrie
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001
To: Smoosh
I am totally getting out of here at lunch to go read in my car, which is probably wet inside since it leaks!!! They have candy bars 10 for $3 at Hen House. Now, where will I hide 10 candy bars so they won't melt? I know I'm bad feeding the baby so much sugar, but I ration them to one every day. Hey, this is America and we are blessed to have chocolate, so get off me!

From: Smoosh
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001
To: Kerrie
You are so funny about chocolate ... don’t feel bad cuz I bought THREE bags of Easter candy at HyVee this weekend: Dove dark chocolate eggs, Hershey eggs and Peter Pan PB cups!! YUM! I have been doing well at making the Easter candy bowl last though, cuz I hide it in the cupboard and it is not out in the open. Besides if there is any left by Easter my MOM will definitely polish it off!

You and your leaky PEACEMOBILE! Don’t you know that you should upgrade your vehicle to at LEAST a nice SUV. That baby needs to be ridin in style!!! Just kidding!

From: Kerrie
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001
To: Smoosh
You have good taste in chocolate, my friend. Hey, give the Peacemobile a break ... it did not leak today! And Aron fixed the brakes just wonderfully last night!

I'm outta here! I offered to do the nasty breakfast pots and pans from Sunday, but Aron said no, to rest and put my feet up. I feel guilty, but I'll take it! Besides, I read to him while he cooks and does dishes. Maybe I'll read to blind people someday when I'm bored. I have that melodic, Becca [I slightly resemble the chick from “Life Goes On”] voice. “Oh, Jesse, I can't believe you have AIDS. My brother Corky with Down Syndrome and I will save you!

**Disclaimer: I am SO not making fun of those with DS. At my own personal Advanced Maternal Age (AMA), I have no room to talk!

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  1. OMG! I can not believe you save that shit! Dang! SEVEN years ago! What dorks we were. Some things never change though-chocolate is STILL our lifeline-and we need it more than ever when you have kids. Dang Peter PAn PB cups. MMMM-maybe they will have those for Halloween. It just goes to show how much time we had on our hands PRE KIDS!
    BTW, You KNOW why Tim had to stop by last night!? He needed to get HIs "LIFE GOES ON" fix-first he had to stop to see BECCA then he went to that dinner to see Chad LOWE! hahaha! You rock! OK time for a chocolate break!!!!


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