Friday, August 15, 2008

Garage Sale Lady

So I’m on a kick of trying to clear out my house of STUFF. I ended up with lots of clothes and books, so I decided to have a tiny, ½ day garage sale. It rained. No one came. Except …

Our first (and basically only) customer was a woman who picked out 2 DVDs, but only had a $20 bill. I told her to take the DVDs FOR FREE since I didn’t have change. I also gave her 2 baseball-bat sized zucchini from our garden. I also went on and on about just wanting to get rid of this stuff and told her to take something else if she wanted it.

I am SUCH a doormat.

She proceeded to take about $20 worth of stuff and leave. My good stuff. The books I could’ve easily sold at Half Price Books tonight for at least a few bucks. The first season of Dawson’s Creek on DVD. The Bob the Builder backpack.

I figured that if I told her she better hand over that $20, she would put the stuff back. And then I would have to pack it up and donate it anyway. So she may as well have the stuff. Good riddance, stuff.

So I guess I’m NOT a doormat. I’m a nice person. Who wants to get rid of her stuff.
Next time I’m having an Honor System Garage Sale. I’ll leave a sign that says to just leave money for whatever you take in a cup. I’ll have to put everything outside or else people will be carting off our mower, ladders, kids’ bikes, my minivan. If people just steal stuff during my Honor System Garage Sale, I’ve still gotten rid of stuff.


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