Saturday, June 19, 1971

Editors, Publishers, Writers: Hire Me!

Proofreading is not just a job to me, but a calling. My rate is $5 per 1,500 words for proofreading/editing your project like it's my own. I use Word Tracking software to mark all changes. I have worked on websites, fiction novels, nonfiction projects, college papers and more! Payment is made on Fiverr, and my delivery time is generally within one week (often faster). I like to work on Fiverr because then you can leave me a glowing review if you are happy!

Here's one of my favorite reviews and you can find dozens more here:
I am so happy that I got busted by the police, the Error Police. Kerrie and her officers will arrest all of your errors and throw away the key.

Like my writing style? I love to take on original assignments! You can contact me at to discuss your project.  Here's some different writing I've done:

AND ... I'm easy to work with! You can check out my references here!
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